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Works Perfectly to Keep my Closets Dry

I live in a very old house and as a result I sometimes have musty closets. These have been a total game changer! They help keep my closets dry and are spill proof so I don’t have to worry about them making a mess. It’s also satisfying to see how much water they actually collect. Would highly recommend!


January 24, 2021

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I am hooked on the Airboss brand!

Absolutely live this brand! Bought the air freshener at Marshall’s and was hooked. Actually eliminates odors immediately and has a nice light scent. Bought the hanging one to hang on the doorknob of my teenage sons room and it’s great! Scent is subtle so you can hang anywhere!


January 9, 2021

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Conquer common, often stubborn, everyday household odors

airBOSS products were developed to neutralize and eliminate common causes of unpleasant household odors. airBOSS has a solution for restoring clean air – everywhere!

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