airBOSS Odor and Moisture Absorbing Packets with Activated Charcoal

Dual-Action Odor & Moisture Absorbing Packets combine the performance of activated charcoal and calcium chloride to form a drying and deodorizing product when both moisture and odor problems exist.

  • Special moisture-permeable packets are perfect for use in compact and contained storage situations such as lockers, gym bags and shoes.
  • No liquid, No mess, No spills
  • Space saving & safe to use
  • Contains 2 absorbing packets
    (Each packet net weight- 0.74 oz (21 g))
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  1. Remove individual packets from package. DO NOT OPEN INDIVIDUAL PACKET.
  2. Place the packet moisture absorbing (white) side down.
  3. Use in as tightly sealed environment as possible.
  4. Replace the packet when the granulesĀ turn to a gel-like substance.
  5. Discard used packetĀ in trash.